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Causes of Heart Attack in Women

Causes of heart attack in women
Nowadays, cases of heart attacks in women. Statistics confirm that women after sixty years are most prone to heart disease. Moreover, other diseases, even such terrible as cancer, die 40% women and heart attack 60% of women after the age of 60.
Causes of Heart Attack in Women
Causes of Heart Attack in Women. Photo: womenshealth.gov/heart-disease-and-stroke/heart-disease/heart-attack-and-women
Women begin to suffer cardiac ailments later in 10-15 years than men, but by sixty years in heart attack risk is equal to the male. And in some cases exceed this risk, for example, when women have heart problems already exist. More prone to heart disease, women who are overweight, as load weight, first and foremost, goes to the heart.
Imminent causes a heart attack:
  • with the execution of a woman 55 years old
  • After the operation on the ovaries, removing them
  • Period after menopause
  • Hereditary factors. In the case of a heart attack before age 60 parents or brothers and sisters the risk increases significantly.


Causes of heart attack that can be avoided:
  • Smoking and birth control pills. The systematic consumption of them can cause a heart attack and a woman under forty years of age.
  • Cholesterol. The high content of it in the blood can lead to a heart attack. You should check your cholesterol all women older than 25 years, cholesterol should not exceed 180-200 mg.
  • A sedentary lifestyle and obesity-the main cause of early heart attacks. You need to exercise regularly and eat right.
  • High blood pressure and hypertension cause heart disease. Pressure 140/100 and above can cause a heart attack, so pressure should be checked regularly, undergo a course of treatment and use necessary drugs.
  • Diabetes. Women suffering from diabetes, the risk of heart attack rises to five times.The fact of the matter is that diabetes is a disease that is characterized by the metabolism of glucose, increases the risk of cardio-vascular diseases.
  • Pregnancy. Complications of pregnancy such as hypertension, diabetes, low birth weight baby increases the risk of cardio-vascular diseases in women.
  • Post climacteric Syndrome. Can be diagnosed if there are post menopausal period in women obesity, high cholesterol, High triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, high content of glucose. For the control of metabolic processes in the body women must follow a special diet, exercise.
  • Inflammatory p dimming in blood vessels, leading to a rupture of the coronary artery. The inflammation causes increased reactive protein which occurs more commonly in women than in men, its root causes are not yet well understood.
  • Hypothyroidism. This common female problem can cause heart disease and as a result of attacks.


Heart disease
Heart disease: heart failure, arrhythmias, coronary artery disease.
Heart failure occurs when the impossibility of the heart to pump blood throughout the body. As a result of which appears short of breath, swollen feet, ankles, there is increased fatigue and lethargy. This is the first appearance of symptoms of heart failure.
Fibrillation is characterized by changes in the cardiac cycle that lead to fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, pain in the chest. When coronary artery disease these arteries to constrict and thicken, resulting in bad blood enters the heart, there is pain in the chest, stenakordiâ, all this leads to a heart attack.
The first signs of heart attack
Signs of heart attack everyone merely induvidual′ny but still get acquainted with n which of them are worth. Characteristics can be described as pain in the chest, left arm. The pain may be sharp and illdefined, can last for hours with anticipation, but could bother two or three times a day for a few minutes.
When strokes a woman suffers painful sensation when touches the back, shoulders, hands and jaws, and here there is no pain in the chest. Dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness-symptoms of heart disease, if they need to see a doctor.Women who have had a heart attack or an attack of gastric nesvareniem, suffer periodic shortness of breath and excessive fatigue, nausea, chest pain they are rare.
Life after a heart attack
Unfortunately, the mortality rate of women undergoing a heart attack is higher than among men. In most cases, women as opposed to men do not lead up to State attacks or a heart attack, as are more carefully to their health than men.
But all the same in the case of postponing the attack the woman should be monitored periodically by a specialist, to lead a healthy lifestyle, not worry over nothing, only to surround themselves with pleasant people, so as not to provoke the attack.

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